National Science Day Observed In City, Seven Odisha Dists


Bhubaneswar: Institute of Life Sciences organised a state-level science outreach and awareness program in Bhubaneswar and seven districts of Odisha on the occasion of National Science Day.

More than 3000 school and college students participated in the event aimed at exposing the younger students with exciting opportunities in scientific research and its implications on society and human welfare.

This massive event was organized in partnership with MPC autonomous college at Baripada, N.C. Autonomous College atJajpur; Dhenkanal Autonomous College atDhenkanal; Udayanath Autonomous College of Science & Technology at Adaspur; MaaJhadeswari College, at  Dhama, Sambalpur; Kamgaon Junior College, Kamgaon, Bargarh and Rayagada Autonomous College at Rayagada as well as at Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar.

Minister for School And Mass Education and Science and Technology, Badri Narayan Patra while inaugurating the outreach program complemented the effort of ILS and the colleges for this unique initiative and mentioned that in the coming days’ state government will support such initiatives.

He also mentioned that the state government is planning to establish science centres at every district to attract talents in science and this will lead to building a Scientific Literate Society.

Dr Ajay Parida, Director, ILS in his opening remarks highlighted the significant progress in the field of science and technology that has contributed towards the betterment of human life and society.

He urged the participants to get involved in scientific research and innovations for addressing challenges of food, nutrition, environment, energy and health security of the nation. The program was telecasted live through Naxatra News network and the CMD Prabhat Mallik thanked ILS for partnership and mentioned that the news channel will work with ILS for programs related to scientific advances, research and development.

Ashok Das, Vice Chairman, State Higher education Council and Dr SanghamitraPati, Director, RMRC spoke the occasion and encouraged students to be inquisitive and innovative in their thinking and ensuring effective communication and understanding of science and technology.

In each of the selected location debate, quiz and essay competitions were organized on the theme of “Science for the People and People for the Science”. The participants at ILS visited the laboratory and given exposures to advanced instruments and equipment, and provided hands-on training. Students expressed immense satisfaction and happiness with the type of lectures and with their interaction with the experts.

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