Narasingha Mishra replies on National flag issue


Bhubaneswar: BJP leader KV Singh Deo had on Thursday raised the issue of the National flag being placed on the left of Congress leader Narasingha Mishra’s official car whereas it should either be at the centre or right. To this Mishra replied in the Assembly on Friday.

Initially, Singh Deo had said that placing the National flag on the wrong side of official vehicle could lead to jail term of upto three years and that a minister in Odisha had done this but later it was found that the car belonged to Mishra.

The veteran Congress leader did a ‘tit for tat’ by reminding the BJP leader the RSS policies on National flag while speaking on the issue on Friday. The RSS had not accepted the National flag and did not hoist it for 52 years. In fact, after Gandhiji was shot, RSS was banned until the group agreed to Sardar Patel’s condition to accept and respect the National Tricolour. But until 1998, the National flag was never hoisted in RSS headquarters.

Mishra added that his car had placed the Indian flag at the wrong place unintentionally and it was corrected as soon as cited but code 2002 is not a law and placing the flag on the left in an official vehicle is not a punishable offence. However, he has deepest regards for the Tricolour, Mishra said.

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