Moving to the cloud turning into a business mandate?


Today there is a cultural shift in doing business compared to how it was done a decade earlier. From times where we strived for our HR and payroll systems to reduce cost, improve efficiency and accuracy, we have moved into a new world where we look at them as strategic functions to drive business. With ever-changing business models and everything turning agile, organizations are looking for core HR systems that can stay ahead of time.

We mostly focus on how we can cut costs, how we can save effort, how we can improve accuracy and how we can be more efficient. These are the usual areas we try to streamline in HR because HR is not a revenue center. It is rather a function which supports businesses indirectly. But engaging our people effectively, keeping up with technology, relooking at how we can improve our organization’s internal processes to keep up with this generation of people and technology will indeed take us a long way in enhancing our business and organization.

Many organizations still use on-premise software and are reluctant to move to the cloud. The predominant reason for this has been fear of data security issues. This assumption is totally false as cloud deployments are more robust and much safer than many of the on-premise solutions. With cloud-based HRMS software, all the core systems that were once separated like the payroll system, online attendance system and a number of standalone or partially integrated systems start coming together to drive strategical growth and end-user enablement.

Cloud-based solutions will as a minimum offer the below advantages:

  • Information is readily available: There are always delays in getting information that we need and with the accuracy that we need. Even a simple headcount is either not up to date by the minute or takes some time and effort to access. With cloud-based solutions, we can be confident that we are getting the latest, most accurate information, and what is more impressive is the fact that we can access it with just a few clicks.


  • Global access: This is the main advantage of the cloud. You can access it from anywhere, anytime, any device. Be it your laptop, tablet or mobile or desktop, be it your office or home or anywhere outside, cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere. You can also access information in your preferred language or gain access to information specific to your region.


  • Takes people management to a whole new different level: Dynamic workflow management, integrating the performance, goals, assignments and training can help provide great opportunities to engage with people effectively and drastically elevate their work experience.


  • Strategic business driver: With its powerful tools, cloud solutions make tasks which were considered humongous a cake walk. The business insights and the analytics it provides are information powerhouses which every business can leverage and capitalize.

Moving to the cloud is an opportunity to reassess your processes and technology and grow with innovation. Keep up with the world, move to the cloud.

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