MoU inked between Tourism Department and


Bhubaneswar: The Department of Tourism of Odisha government on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Yatra TG Stay Limited ( for the joint promotion of homestays in the state.

The MoU was signed by Tourism Director Nitin B. Jawale, Homestay GM Manish K. Bansal, in presence of Development Commissioner R. Balakrishnan, and Tourism Secretary Arti Ahuja.

With the intent of establishing itself as the largest Homestays aggregator, will list properties in Odisha on its website and encourage the growth of Homestays in the state.

Development Commissioner Balakrishnan expressed his desire that the concept of Homestay which is popular in states like Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh shall create a new scope for rural and urban households of Odisha.

Arti Ahuja said that people of Odisha will show interest in the concept of homestays and let people from other parts of India and the world come and experience the local authentic culture of Odisha.

Homestays will help people of Odisha to earn a livelihood through hospitality sector by becoming part of the tourism industry.


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