Modi slams Congress over dynastic politics in blog post


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday has slammed the Congress for pursuing  its brand of dynastic politics in the country to retain power.

Modi in his blog post said that institutions from the press to the constitution have been impacted whenever the dynastic politics have been powerful.

In his post, Prime Minister sought to remind readers of the reasons why the BJP was given such a huge mandate in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

He said people voted decisively for, honesty over dynasty, development over decay and security over stagnation.

He noted that India had made “remarkable achievements” in the last five years under the NDA rule in several sectors, including the sanitation coverage, banking, economy, infrastructure, healthcare and education.

Responding to the blog post, the Congress general secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East), Priyanka Gandhi, said that people of the country “can see through the PM’s claims.”

She told reporters in Varanasi  that people of this country are not fools and that it was the BJP which attacked the institutions.

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