Mobile battery explodes injuring three school kids


Nayagarh: Three Class III students including a girl were injured while playing with a mobile phone battery after it exploded. Such an unfortunate incident has occurred at Ladukeshwar upper primary school under Saranakula PS in Nayagarh district on Wednesday.

As per sources, two of them have been shifted to the district headquarters hospital while the third one is being treated at local health clinic.

School authorities said they had no idea whether the students had brought a battery inside their school bag. The battery went off when one of the boys connected it to a bulb creating a loud noise inside the classroom.

The explosion led to severe burns on one of the boys and some injuries to his face while the other boy had sustained critical injuries to his face. “My son cannot even open his eyes,” his grieving mother wept saying.

Meanwhile another girl who was also involved with them in this childish connivance was being treated at Godipada health centre.

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