Militant Abu Dujana rejected surrender offer just before his encounter


New Delhi: Hardcore LeT terrorist Abu Dujana apparently rejected an offer to surrender made by the security forces minutes before the encounter that led to his killing along with an aide in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

Accorting to a recording of a purported telephonic conversation between Abu Dujana and an unnamed officer of security forces, the LeT militant commander said, “Why should I surrender? I have left dome for martyrdom. I know I have to die either today or tomorrow”.

Despite the officers attempted to get the militant to give up of his parents and wife’s shake, Abu didn’t pay any heed.

“I am unmarried. This is propaganda. My parents were dead for me the day I left them”, he said in the audio recording.

However, when the officer told him that he must be aware that the conflict in Kashmir is a game, Abu Dujana replied, “I know the system. I know everything. What can I do, if anyone wants to play game? I have to tread my own path.”

After minutes of conversation Abu Dujana said, “Today you caught me, congratulations”.

The officer responded by saying he was only doing his duty and in reply, the militant said, “I will fulfill mine”.

The officer also tries to tell him that this is no jihad and this is not the reason why he took up Jihad. He is also heard asking Dujana to come out in open and explain his stance. “Tum niklo yaar. Tum hi tho logo ko samjhaoege, tabhi tho yeh khoon kharaba kam hoga.” (Come out and explain. Only this will reduce the bloodshed)””I didn’t start the bloodshed…I know the whole game,” Dujana retorts.

Abu Dujana was considered to be the mastermind behind several attacks that happened in South Kashmir including the attack on CRPF envoy at Parampore and another at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute in the Sempora area last year. He was also one of the top recruiters for the militants, especially in south Kashmir. He managed to give security officer slip at least five times in the recent months before finally being killed in an encounter.

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