Miami pedestrian bridge collapses, killing at least six


Miami: A pedestrian bridge installed to increase student safety at Florida International University in the Miami area has collapsed just days after it was constructed, at least six people were killed and an unknown number of people may still be trapped underneath.

Instead, it collapsed Thursday, months before it was to open, crushing cars on the street and leaving investigators with the difficult task of trying to figure out why it happened and who might be held responsible.

“If anybody’s done anything wrong, we’ll hold them accountable,” Florida Gov. said.

Emergency crews Friday morning shifted their focus from an initial rescue mission to the “very slow process” of digging through the rubble for any more bodies and preserving evidence around the unstable bridge remnants, Miami Police said.

Of the six people who died, five bodies still were under the rubble Friday morning. At least nine people were taken to hospitals, after the bridge failure that one witness said “sounded like the world was ending.”

The structure’s 950-ton main span had just been installed Saturday using an accelerated construction process meant in part to reduce the time that street traffic was halted. The bridge had been designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

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