Merchant Navy Captain’s wife lodged FIR for torturing her


Bhubaneswar: The New Year seems to have come with inviting crimes against women in all aspect. In another incident, the Commissionerate police of the city has received a written complaint on Saturday by an woman against her husband allegedly torturing her both physically and mentally for the last ten years. The aggrieved wife has filed an FIR with the Laxmisagar Police Station here in the city

As per the FIR lodged by the woman M Sujata, her husband M Balakrishna being a Captain in merchant navy, always resorts to violence in case of his family. She has said that for the last ten years she has been bearing the torture of her husband and when asked for divorce, he never steps forward. Sujata in her written complaint has demanded for stringent legal action and safe custody for herself and her two minor daughters.

She has also complained of her husband who invites his friends to home and booze till 3 pm and further forces her to serve them, but she instead locks herself in the room along with her daughters. She said that Balakrishna often had evil eyes on her related girls.

Balakrishna being a captain in merchant navy stays on board for 8-9 months a year. He always applies force demanding one acre of landed property from her parents. Relating to this demand, he has once attempted attack on her father and misbehaves with him very often. While he is away from home on duty, she gets her father to stay with her. Her father is a heart patient. Under such circumstances, she has sent her father to her brother.

On the day of the incident, Balakrishna had been to outside for boozing with his friends. After returning home at 11.30 pm, out of fear locked the room from within and went to sleep with her two daughters. He banged on the door and when opened, he forcefully tried to have sex. When protested, she was thrashed. After so much of efforts, he could be pushed out of the room and she could get herself and her daughters locked. In the next morning, he has threatened that he would not support monetarily further to her and their two daughters. He also attempted to beat her when she tried to dial 100. He snatched the phone. She was bound to seek the help of neighbours shouting through the window.

On the contrary, Balakrishna in her statement has said that the allegations put forth by his wife is false. He said that it is merely a family problem and would be solved out.

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