Massive cleaning operations after Chennai oil spill


Chennai:  Concerns over safety of marine life are rising as the oil spill caused by the collision of two ships off Chennai’s coast on Saturday is spreading further.

The Coast Guard says that around 35 kilometres off the Chennai coastline has been affected by the spill which occurred when two ships carrying fuel collided last week.

As per sources, although nearly 70 tonnes of oil sludge has been removed by hundreds of volunteers, the spill has crossed the Marina Beach and travelled 32km south. It has now entered the Palavakkam beach on the East Coast Road.

On January 28, two cargo ships collided resulting in the oil spill in and around Ennore shoreline in Tamil Nadu. Following the incident, carcasses of turtles and fish were found along the northern coastline starting from Ennore stretching up to several kilometres.

Responding to rumours that marine life has been affected due to the oil spill, Fisheries minister D Jayakumar said that after lab testing samples of fish from Marina, Pattinapakkam and Mahabalipuram beaches, no contamination was detected and they’ve been declared fit for consumption.

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