Mandatory things to experience while your trip to Thailand


Mandatory things to experience while your trip to Thailand

Awarded with the epithet “Land of Smiles,” Thailand is one of the most visited and greatest gateway destinations. With its diverse beauty, natural heritage, and scenic beauties, Thailand now dominated most of the world when it comes to offering perfect holiday destinations. If you are planning your trip to Thailand in coming days, make sure to seek out the best Thailand rentals to get the make the best of your holidays.

Thailand is not only a perfect holiday destination but a real treat to calm your senses while you escape yourself into the unseen natural beauty. Along with cities that offer you the calmness, there are cities that make you experience what is being high on life means. While Ayutthaya offers you a small journey through the history, Phang Nga takes you closer to the natural life and Bangkok keeps you awake the entire night with its amazing nightlife. You just name and Thailand has it. However, if you want to feel the real essence of Thailand, you must experience a handful of things that take you closer to one of the most beautiful and diverse country.

Here we are sharing mandatory things that you must experience while your trip to Thailand. Make sure not to miss them.

A visit to Ayutthaya

Listen to UNESCO World’s Heritage Site in 1991, Ayutthaya is a must visit place in Thailand for every tourist. Said to be Thailand’s hidden archaeological gem, Ayutthaya has glorious ruins and Historical Temples, Monasteries, and Buddhist Temples. It once served as Siamese political and trade capital and is holding stories since its establishment that dates back to 1350. This place is the real treat for the history lovers. Wandering through the ruins and Temples has thousands of stories to tell. Some of the famous spots to visit in Ayutthaya are Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya Historical Park, and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet.

Bangkok’s Floating Market

Bangkok is mostly famous for its bustling streets and high spirited nightlife, but other than this, there are things that can only be explored in the broad daylight. Bangkok floating market is one those things that must be experienced. Named as the “Venice of East,” you may get mistaken with the romantic flavor, but it has nothing to with the romance. The market is all about shopping while floating on the boats. This market is full of colorful things and you can actually shop a lot of things from here.  Do not forget to experience one of its own kinds of thing in Thailand.

Meeting and bathing elephants in Chiang Mai

Riding elephants is very common and many countries in the world offer this service. Though in many countries, riding elephants is prohibited due to some animal’s rights, people still enjoy it. Unlike other countries, Chiang Mai in Thailand offers people to spend time with elephants while bathing and comforting them. The Elephant Nature Park located in Chiang Mai is basically a rehabilitation center for abused and rescued elephants. They offer tourists to meet them in a completely different way and provide a better insight into elephants’ lives. This place is heaven for all the animal activists, and if you are among them, you must visit this place.

Thai Street Food

Traveling to Thailand and not getting your taste buds acquainted with the delicious food is something that no one would like to miss. Thailand will give you the best ever street food experience. The diverse culture of Thailand is very much manifested in the food they offer, and the best place to get yourself into the best treats is on the streets. The same food will cost more in restaurants and hotels and on the street, you can taste a lot more than too at an affordable cost. Some of the must-try street food in Thailand is Pad see eiw, Kluay Tod, Pad kra pao, Som Tam, and more.

Getting a fish spa

Visiting Thailand and not getting fish spa is like not experiencing the real flavor of Thailand. Almost every city in Thailand bloom with spas and their own technique of massage that is famous worldwide, but the fish spa is something that stays peculiar to Thailand. Find any reputed spa salon and get yourself relaxed while fishes are removing the impurities and dead skin from feet. It is one of the most soothing and calming experiences.

Experience the life of hills

Thailand, despite being a hub for party animals, has hills that stay untouched of urban and advanced life. There are many tribes who are living in hills and leading a natural and more than an ordinary life.  You can visit hills to experience such lifestyle, but make sure to take the help of local guide as you may not be able to understand the routes and the way of their lives.

Exceptional Nightlife

Nightlife is synonymous to Thailand, but Bangkok is the capital of nightlife. In nights, the streets stay busier and bloom with life. There are countless discos, pubs, restaurants, and bars that stay open until dawn. Make sure to experience this life once for the least while you are on your trip to Thailand.

These are some of the mandatory things to experience in Thailand and there are more that can be added to the list. Thailand has all sorts of things to offer depending on the taste and types of tourist. So, while you are planning your next trip to Thailand, make sure to include these on your to-do list.

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