Man attempts self-immolation frustrated of not getting money from bank


Dhenkanal: After many a rules as guidelines by the government post demonetisation during the past few weeks, the life of common man has come to a stop, specially for those who have weddings in the family. A tragic case in this connection has occurred in Dhenkanal district where 42 year old Suresh Babu attempted self-immolation in front of Odisha Gramya Bank, Rasol branch on Thursday.

Suresh Babu serving as a construction worker was frustrated with repeated visits to the bank for withdrawing money for his daughter’s marriage. But the bank was denying him for the same as he did not submit valid documents. Being disappointed, he poured kerosene over him and tried to set himself on fire. However, prompt police action saved his life. Police rushed to the spot after locals informed them about Suresh. Later, he was handed over to his family members staying at Rasol.

Government’s guideline of withdrawing to an extent Rs 2.5 lakhs for wedding has proved to be vague for Suresh. He said that with the bank allowing a sum of Rs 24000 to be withdrawn during a week, he was feeling insecure for his daughter’s marriage. He had Rs 1.92 lakh in his and his son’s bank account, out of which he could only withdraw an amount of Rs 92K in five installments. With the daughter’s marriage coming up in two days, friends and relatives had already started queuing up at his house. But the withdrawn amount was not enough to take care of the marriage expenses.

On the contrary, Bank Branch Manager Nabakishore Khuntia said that out of Rs 1.92 lakh in two bank accounts, Suresh had withdrawn Rs 92K and the remaining 1 lakh was supposed to be withdrawn. But the bank was unable to provide the same to Suresh with the non-availability of the required documents. Khuntia said that had he been given the invitation card along with the application form, the amount would have been disbursed to him.

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