Malkangiri: Five say Prajacourt set them free


Malkangiri: The kidnappings of poll officials in the cut off area here has finally become clearer as two poll officials claim that they were indeed taken away by Maoists and a Prajacourt set them free threatening to kill them if panchayat polls are conducted.

On Friday, news from the district regrading kidnap of four poll officials and the son of a village chief had spread fast. But later, all missing members who police had not been able to trace had returned, most of them saying t

On Saturday, two poll officers who were missing the day before said they were indeed taken by Maoists and acquitted by the Prajacourt. However, they were threatened to be killed if involved in poll related activities.

The officials Kaminikant Singh of Jodamba, Prabin Soren, SP Rajguru and GRS Babu of Andrapalli and Padmanabh Bala of Panasput were on duty since January 11.

South Western Range DIG S Saini said that poll officials have claimed they were kidnapped and threatened  by Maoists. “Details will be revealed once police investigation begins,” she said.

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