Maligners hack Sishubhawan Hosp website


Bhubaneswar: Unidentified cyber attackers hacked into the website of Sishubhawan the prime pediatric hospital in state, deleting all the posted crucial information here on Thursday night.

As per sources, an unidentified source claiming to be ‘Dark Hacker’ identified itself as ‘Distrucktor Dipu’ had maliciously seeped into the hospital website rendering it useless.

It had deleted the entire database on the website. It had reportedly posted some lewd comments and abusive statements while uploading a Bangladesh flag also.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities have blocked the website and filed a complaint at the local cyber police station.

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Paediatrics, popularly known as Sishubhawan hospital is a renowned institute for child care in eastern India.

Recently Odisha has witnessed sharp increase in hacking and other cyber related crimes. From governmental to private, hackers have been able to manipulate weak database of the websites and destroy crucial information while putting Intel at risk as cyber police is yet to take any noticeable action in this regard.

On April 20 OSSC website was hacked by Philippines Cyber syndicate, Utkal University’s website was similarly hacked on May 3 by a Pakistan branded source. Earlier on September 30, the website of Odisha State Agricultural Marketing (OSAM) Board was hacked by pro-Pakistan hackers. Later this mid October website of Banki Autonomous College was also put at risk by Pakistani cyber attackers.

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