Makar Sankranti celebrated in state


Cuttack: The Makar Sankranti festival was celebrated across the state today. The festival marks Uttarayan or northward movement of the Sun. While in Puri and most parts of the state, there were traditional rituals of preparing the ‘makara chaula’ of rice grains and fruits, at many places including parts of Bhubaneswar, animal fights were seen in for of cock fight.

But the most significant tradition that is related to Odisha’s celebration of Makar Sankranti is the kite flying custom of Millenium City Cuttack. Here are pictures from the Silver City wherein after ban of the sharp manjha thread, locals opted for traditional threads and artists were happy to fly kites on the canvas.

makar sankranti kite

makar sankranti art

makar sankranti art

makar sankranti

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