Mahanadi row: Govt itself doesn’t have info


Bhubaneswar: Even as the government seeks legal proceedings and ready to orchestrate interstate Mahanadi River dispute on a big stage, the upstream state Chhatisagarh is all to blame while on the other side it is very astonishing to note that the government machinery itself has no information or idea about the niche of water that the state uses from the river.

The Engineer in Chief (EIC) has repeatedly asked the detail reports in this regard from several other departmental Chief Engineers but they have failed to provide.

Not once or twice but time after time the EIC has asked the department to furnish all such information on the case but to no avail.

As per sources the EIC had sought a report on the amount and flow of water at various points of river on December 10 and 23. The officials of most divisions under the department were yet to provide any satisfactory information let alone complete ones so the EIC has again asked on this matter on January 5.

The EIC has asked reports from Hirakud Reservoir Chief Engineer, Sundergarh Irrigation Division, Mahanadi Barrage Division, Prachi Irrigation Division, Khurda Irrigation Division, Boudh Irrigation Division, Nuapada Irrigation Division, Junk Irrigation Division, Titlagarh Irrigation Division, Kalahandi Irrigation Division, Nayagarh Irrigation Division, Manjor Irrigation, Upper Indravati Division, Hadua Irrigation Divison, Angul Irrigation Division, Chief Engineer of Small Irrigation, Tel Valley Chief Engineer, Upper Mahandi Valley Chief Engineer,  Indrabati Kolab Valley Chief Engineer.

While data from most divisions is yet to come to the hands of EIC, DPR, Silent Feature, Working table are also yet to be provided to the department.

Meanwhile, the EIC SK Jain has again asked the divisions to furnish the reports with a matter of urgency. Three officials have been appointed for the purpose to see into the matter.

Notably, the state has been complaining that the neighbour Chhatisgarh is not supplying information on the Mahanadi issue.

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