Locals object MLA’s Padyatra at Athagarh


Bhubaneswar: Athagarh MLA Ranendra Pratap Swain on Monday came across protests from locals of his own constituency during a BJD’s Jan Sampark Padayatra at Chhuagaan panchayat.

According to information, some irate villagers of the panchayat aggrieved with irregularities in distribution of PDS commodities halted the MLA’s convoy preventing him from entering the area. This was followed by a tight tussle between Swain’s supporters and the locals. During the mob’s resistance a woman has been reportedly injured.

Meanwhile, police forces have been deployed in the area to control the disarrayed mob and restore peace.

Some pending works like rejection of gram sabha, non clearance of bill pertaining to construction of temple of local presiding goddess’ Jagulai were main points of dissent raised by the locals as they demanded immediate attention on the matters from the MLA.

They demanded that their pleas be heard soon or else threatened to show him black flags. ‘The minister would be shown black flag and eggs will be hurled at him for non compliance,’ a protesting banner threatened.

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