Leprosy patient’s body carried by daughter after neighbours refused to lend shoulder


Boudh: In yet another shocking incident, a 60-year-old man was denied a proper cremation ceremony in Boudh district, as neighbours refused to shoulder his body, as he was suffering from leprosy before his death.

Reportedly, none of the people in the Basudevpalli village of Boudh district helped for the cremation of the deceased, Jaynarayan Sahoo, a retired bank official and a leprosy patient for a long time, after he passed away.

Having no other option, his daughter was forced to carry the body along with her brother and her husband to the village cremation ground for last rites.

Similar cases of ostracisation over the leprosy stigma have been reported before.

In April last year, two girls of western Odisha district of Bargarh were forced to carry the body of their 70-year-old mother for cremation after males in the village refused to help them.


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