Law Commission recommends life imprisonment for food adulteration


New Delhi: The Law Commission is all set to recommend to the Centre for enhancing the punishment for food adulteration upto life imprisonment.

At present, the offence is now punishable with an imprisonment of six months and a fine upto Rs 1,000 under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The law panel is of the view that Section 272 and Section 273 of the IPC should be amended. IPC Section 272 pertains to adulteration of food and drinks while Section 273 deals with sale of noxious food and drinks.

The Law Commission is likely to submit its report to the government next week. The Law Commission was asked by the Centre to give its recommendation after the Supreme Court directed the government to look into the penal provisions which were ‘grossly inadequate’.

The Law Commission in its report has agreed with the Supreme Court and said that the punishment is inadequate and must be enhanced to life.

Notably, since food adulteration is a concurrent subject, states of UP, West Bengal and Odisha have already enhanced the punishment to life.

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