Lady councilor and NAC Chairperson posed hand to hand in monthly meeting


Kalahandi: There was a heated discussion followed by a scuffle between the Kesinga NAC chairperson, Tapaswini Majhi and a Councillor Moti Kaibarta during the monthly council meeting of the NAC at Kesinga on Tuesday.

The discussion led to hand to hand fight. Even the NAC Executive Officer Dipankar Biswas was pushed by the chairperson in a moment of heat during the argument.

Three FIRs have been lodged in the Kesinga police station.

Chairperson Majhi alleged derogatory personal remarks by the Councillor Kaibarta to be the cause of the ensuing fight while Moti Kaibarta informed that the discussion was about Harischandra Yojana, according to sources.

Both the parties have filed FIRs at the local police station against each other. Besides, executive officer Dipankar Biswas has also filed a complaint against the chairperson for her inappropriate behaviour.



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