Kotha bhoga of Lord Jagannath buried


Puri: The ‘kotha bhoga’ of Lord Jagannath was buried today after blood drops fell on the temple floor in the kitchen area. The deities were also given a special bath to nullify the falling of blood drops in the temple.

As per temple administration, today is Lord Jagannath’s Suna Besha or gold adorned make up. “As such the ‘anna’ or Mahaprasad was to come out late by 6 pm owing to various special rituals performed on the occasion of Pousha Purnima today. This was further delayed owing to the incident,” informed temple PRO Laxmidhar Pujapanda.

A temple kitchen sevayat was hurt in the ‘bhitara katha’ area and some blood oozed out of his feet following which the prasad meant only for deities or ‘kotha bhoga’ or ‘amunha bhoga’ was buried. These included some traditional pancakes and sweet dishes for Lord Jagannath.

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