Know The Benefits of buying sofa cum bed


In our homes, we often face the problem regarding lack of space. Either the sofa is causing hindrance to the passage or we are bumping our toes against the bed. This becomes even worse when you have guests over in your house frequently. As a solution to this lack of space, you can opt for a sofa cum bed. They are available in the market and you can get one according to your needs or budget. You can buy a budget sofa cum bed for home at Urban Ladder as you are assured to get the best product from this store.

What is a sofa cum bed?

A sofa cum bed is just a couch, but under whose seating cushions is a hidden metal frame along with a thin mattress. This metal frame can be unfolded at will and the full structure resembles a bed then. Now you can use the sofa as a bed and sleep on it. When you’re done, you can fold it back, and it’ll become a couch again!

However, it is not to be confused with a futon; although futon mattresses are commonly used in sofa cum beds.

Now get extra storage space!

Wondering where to keep those magazines? Well, a sofa cum bed or a sofa-bed comes with storage facilities as well. Just below its seating mattress, there will be adequate space to stock up a few things which are consuming a lot of space in your room. So now you have a sofa, as well as a bed, and plenty of storage space as well, all in one room!

Invite guests without worries!

No more problems if you’re having guests over now. You can fold up your bed into a sofa, and lay out tables for them. And if you happen to have a folding table, then voila! You can fold that table and put it back in your storage space after the party is over. So you get doubly benefitted.

Easy to fold, easy to use 

A Sofa cum bed is designed in such a way, that it is very easy to use. The joints are mostly lubricated, and the materials used are mostly lightweight. Thus, a single person can easily remove the metal frame from underneath, and can easily lay out the bed.  If you’re single and living on your own in one room, then sofa-beds will definitely be a benefit to you.

Dual utility when you’re on a fixed budget

It often happens that you are on a tight budget, and can afford to spend bucks on one essential furniture. People normally opt for a bed in such cases, but the lack of sofas or seating furniture becomes more visible then. But if you buy a sofa-bed, then not only will it save you more space, but also more money. It’s cheaper than buying both bed and sofa.


A sofa cum bed is very beneficial if you are being economic, and trying to use the maximum space you can get in your house. It will fit your budget; will look sophisticated and futuristic if you can design your room accordingly, and what’s more? It’s very easy to use!

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