Kerosene supply woes for state


Bhubaneswar: The kerosene supply to the state may stop completely. Though the state government has raised the issue time and again with the centre, there has been no response.

Even Food Supply and Consumer Welfare minister Sanjay Dasburma has met the central ministers four times to discuss this issue but there has been no result. The kerosene supply has been stopped in the state markets. The impact is felt most in rural areas where people use kerosene to light lantern and lamps.

On Saturday over kerosene issue the Assembly saw ruckus. While the BJP led government in centre has been reducing the kerosene supply to the state,  BJP’s Kuchinda legislator Rabi Narayan raised the question. When per head 1 litre is not sufficient, why it has been reduced to half litre, Rabi asked.

In his reply, Sanjay Dasburma said that in 2014 the central government was supplied 99,756 kilo liter, while in 2015 it was reduced to 97,440 kilo litre. Now this year it has reduced to 55,896 kilo litre.

Earlier, the state government had planned to distribute the kerosene 1 litre per head and 5 liters to each family. When the centre reduced the supply to the state as a result the state government in turn reduced the supply to half litre kerosene per head.

The people are already facing problems due to ration cards. The central government has been requested to open Kerosene retail centre in all districts Dasburma said. Now the government is opening retail centres in Twincity Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. There is dire need to increase the kerosene quota as well as open more retail centres.

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