Kashmir situation needs analysis: GenVK Singh


Shimla (Himachal Pradesh): Union Minister and former Army Chief VK Singh has said that Kashmir is an issue of proxy war and the situation needed analysis.

Singh said at a press conference :“This very same South Kashmir was very peaceful between 2005 and 2012. What’s the reason for the surge in incidents there after 2012? Have you analyzed this? Why did this happen?.”

The Union Minister of State for External Affairs said: “The Kashmir issue is not simple. It’s an issue of proxy war. It’s an issue for which things should have been done earlier. Don’t judge success or failure of a policy, based on one incident. There was an encounter, where an officer and three jawans died. This doesn’t mean the situation is bad.”

Talking at length about Kashmir and the problems plaguing the region, the Minister said, some youth being paid to throw stones, some youth standing on the top of a vehicle and shouting ‘hum kya chahte, azaadi’ (what do we want, freedom) does not reflect the sentiment of the entire youth of Kashmir.

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