Kapil Sharma finally breaks his silence on his show ending and his health issues


Mumbai: Once the darling of the masses and also of Bollywood stars, for whom promoting their films on his show was a must, Kapil Sharma became a villain within no time.

It started with reports of the actor-comedian throwing a shoe at his co-star Sunil Grover on a flight, following which the latter quit the show. This led to some of the other actors also leaving him in the lurch, affecting the TRPs to a great extent, sparking rumours of the channel pulling the plug on the show. Then his health deteriorated, and reports swirled that the falling TRPs was the cause.

Then a series of celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, among others couldn’t shoot for scheduled episodes on the show when Kapil couldn’t turn up for the shoot. While most reports claimed it was because of his bad health, his ‘arrogance’, ‘late night parties’ were also cited as reasons.

With his show finally being pulled off air temporarily, he had recently cleared the controversies surrounding him and his show. In a recent interview, the actor said that this (health issue) was bound to happen as he was neglecting his health and was not listening to people, who warned him against overworking.

He said, “The mid-air flight fight affected me deeply. I started drinking heavily. It was so unnecessary. And so painful to me. Sunil Grover, Chandan (Prabhakar), Ali Asgar are all my friends. How could this happen?”

Kapil has stated that his deteriorating health has been the reason for the cancellation of shoots. About his health, he said, “Nothing serious. Main thoda phisal gaya tha. Abb sambhal gaya hoon (I had slipped, now I’ve regained composure). Health issues hain. I’ve checked into an ayurveda clinic for complete detoxification. They’re saying I have to stay here for 40 days. But I won’t be able to stay that long. I have a film coming up in November.”

He also believes that his show going off air doesn’t spell doom for his career. To fans, his message is, “I am not done yet. My show is far from over. We will be coming back stronger than ever as soon I’ve recovered. Please bear with me. Please pray for me.”

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