‘Kansa’ takes holy dip at Puri


Puri: After completion of the very famous ‘Dhanu Yatra’ at Bargarh district in the state, Hrushikesh Bhoi, who is popularly known as ‘Kansa’ in the play staged during this auspicious fest , on Friday has paid his visit to the Puri Shree Jagannath temple to offer prayers to the Lord and took a holy dip in the sea in the district here.

Bhoi was also accompanied by five other persons who had played the characters of ministers to  take holy dip at the sea and seek forgiveness and get themselves cleansed of the sins they committed while enacting their roles.

While enacting in the play, Bhoi has felt that he offended the Lord and the humans during the play. So he with his troupe took a bath in the sea to get rid of their bad deeds as Kansa and ministers.

It may be noted here that Bhoi has been enacting the role of Kansa since 2008 and after the play he visits Puri temple to offer prayers to Lord Jagannath.

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