John Abraham seriously injured while shooting for Force 2


Mumbai: Saddening news for Bollywood film lovers and especially John Abraham fans as he received serious injuries while casting for Force-2 movie in Budapest few days ago.

One of Bollywood’s fitness junkies and hardcore action heroes John Abraham suffered as many as 40 injuries on his back while shooting for the movie. He was hurt badly but with pain killer he kept shooting for the movie undermining doctor’s advice.

In a video released by the actor on his Twitter account he describes how the injury was so nasty and he had blood cut at the injured spot. The doctor administered higher doses of anesthesia, as local anesthesia was not working on him.

“I made a mistake of continuing work despite the injury and it aggravated. I kept on working and on sixth day when I visited the doctor, the clot had grown and the blood was squeezed out of it. I will have three surgeries to fully recover,” said the actor who hoped to get well soon and requested his fans to wish for his speedy recovery.

People generally believe that these actors live posh and dreamy lifestyle with glitz and glamour but actually it is actually the fact that they have to bear lot of hardships mentally and physically while shooting for movies. No one knows the hard work and dedication these actors have to give to reach to the height. Sometimes they even have to work unimaginable hours and at times they suffer multiple injuries, but they keep on working to give a great film.

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