Jallikattu row: Protesters defy police orders to leave Marina beach


Chennai: In an early morning crackdown, police started removing scores of protesters who were demonstrating at the Marina beach for the past one week, demanding a permanent solution for holding Jallikattu.

Some people were injured in clashes with the police in and around the beach. Protesters standing in a chain edged closer to the sea. However, police blocked all roads to the beach and used batons and tear gas to control the crowd sources said.

Police detains over 100 protesting students. Meanwhile, on Sunday, Jallikattu returned to parts of the state following the state government’s ordinance. Three men were killed during the celebrations.

Thousands of commuters have been facing inconvenience due to cancellation of trains and termination ahead of destination owing to protests on rail tracks.

Notably, Jallikattu is a traditional bull-taming sport of Tamil Nadu and held as part of Pongal celebrations. The supporters of Jallikattu say that this event is part of the Tamil Nadu culture for over 2,500 years.

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