Jaipur man spends Rs 16 lakh for his Jaguar XJ L number plate


Jaipur: Many people go extra mile to get the number of their choice on their vehicles. This makes them spend loads of cash and some even end up paying the amount that can even get them a new car. The fascination to own a fancy number has cost a whopping Rs 16 lakh for Jaipur based Rrahul Tanejaa.

He spent a whopping Rs 16 lakh for the number ‘1’. Tanejaa bought the number RJ 45 CG 0001 for his brand new Jaguar XJ L that he purchased in the month of March 2018.

Tanejaa even has five 1s in his mobile number. Moreover, all vehicles in Tanjeaa’s garage have the same number as ‘0001’.

Rrahul Tanejaa purchased his first luxury car, a BMW 5-series in the year 2011 and he spent Rs 10.31 lakh for the number RJ 14 CP 0001. The next car in Tanejaa’s garage arrived as a second hand Skoda Laura and he purchased it just because it had the number RJ 20 CB 0001. The 37-year old man, later on, sold his BMW 5-series but kept the number to be used on his BMW 7-series. This is not where Tanejaa’s obsession with number ‘1’ ends. Back in 1996, when he purchased a second-hand scooter, he made sure that all its digits add up to give ‘1’ as a result. The number on his scooter was RJ 14 23M 2323.

The concerned transport department says that the astonishing price of Rs 16 lakh becomes the highest amount that someone has paid for his or her desired number. Rrahul runs an event management company and he gained the possession of his Jaguar XJL by spending Rs 1.5 crore (ex-showroom).

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