IT department chasing 80,000 cases for not filing returns


New Delhi:  The chase by the Income Tax department has begun to take appropriate action against those who have not filed their returns after demonetization. Sources said the number of such case is nearly 80,000. The sources said the returns were not filed even after repeated notices to them.

Sources said the November 2016 decision to demonetize high-value currency has increased the tax base in the country. The contribution of direct taxes was 52 per cent and the contribution of indirect taxes was 48 per cent.

IT department sources said around 3 lakh notices were sent to persons who did not file returns post demonetization.  In 80,000 cases, where the returns were not filed, the department is chasing and the assessment will have to be framed, the sources added.

The sources said apart from the post-demonetization exercise, it is also pursuing those who have not filed their returns on time. The number of such persons is about 30 lakh.


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