Iqbal Kaskar admits speaking to Dawood Ibrahim four times


New Delhi: Investigators probing the extortion ring run by Iqbal Kaskar have revealed that he spoke to his gangster brother Dawood Ibrahim four times in the past few years.

According to reports, these calls were made mainly during the year 2011, when an attack was attempted on Kaskar by a rival gang. Dawood then had allegedly told him to take care and not drink too much.

Earlier, Kaskar had claimed that he hasn’t been in touch with his fugitive, underworld don brother Dawood Ibrahim since 2003. But he has now revealed that his family did meet Dawood’s wife Mehjabeen Shaikh in Dubai sometime in 2016. Kaskar, who was arrested by the Thane police in an extortion case, said the families spent the day together in Dubai.

The police are checking if Kaskar is hiding anything else. Investigators are also trying to ascertain if, during these four calls, Dawood spoke about any operation or criminal conspiracy in India.

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