Industries and mining companies owe Rs 7446 cr to state govt: Fin Min


Bhubaneswar: Various industries and mining companies owe revenue worth Rs 7446.73 crores to the Odisha government said Finance Minister Pradip Amat during the budget session in the State Assembly today.

Most of the revenue includes the pending electricity bill of Rs 1279.77 crores by 39 companies and Rs 2121.31 crores unpaid water tax by 57 companies. Meanwhile, 109 companies have pending commercial taxes of upto Rs 2085.96 crores.

The failure of the state government in collecting taxes and bills from companies was discussed in heated debates in the Assembly. BJD MLAs Prafulla Samal and Bhagirathi Badajena discussed about the issue while Finance minister Amat was seen unprepared to answer a question on IMFA’s Rs 363 crore pending electricity bill. He however said all steps are being taken to collect the unpaid bills and taxes from various national and local  industries and mining companies. “Many cases are in Supreme Court and High Court while certificate cases have also been filed. Also, the revenue is being collected with personal understanding,” he said.

Opposition leader Narasingha Mishra questioned if IMFA’s bill of Rs 363.61 crore were being ignored since it belonged to BJD MP Baijayant Panda. Amat was not able to answer this convincingly. He said he was giving the details as received from Energy department and does not have the idea of the status of collections from IMFA.

Amat said that many cases have a stay order in Supreme Court for which the state government is not able to collect the pending taxes and bills from certain companies.

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