Indian women’s kabaddi team crush Japan for contingent’s first win


Jakarta: The Indian Kabaddi team registered its first win by defeating Japan with 43-12 at the Asian games 2018 on Sunday. India kicked out Japan three times in just half-an-hour which was considered as the highlighting point of the match.

Indian captain Payal Chaudhari, left defender Sakshi Kumar, Randip and Ritu showed an outstanding performance in the match.

The Indian team took its lead from the beginning of the match. The team was first leading with 4-0 after the Japan team came back leading with 4-5. The Indian team took its way to an another level to win the match.

Defender, Sakshi with her excellent raid pressurised Japan team resulting 19-8 at the end of the first quarter. Similarly, in the second half the Indian team won 24 points while the Japanese could only manage to win 4 points.

With this the Indian team won the match by registering 43-12 at the end of all quarters. The team will play its next match against Thailand on August 20.

The Men’s Kabaddi team also registered a easy win against Bangladesh by 50-21.

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