Indian woman alleges racial profiling at Frankfurt Airport, Sushma Swaraj seeks report


Bengaluru: An Indian-origin woman travelling from Bengaluru to Iceland has alleged racial profiling after she was asked to strip by security officials at Germany’s Frankfurt airport earlier this week.

Shruthi Basappa, who lives in Reykjavik, Iceland and is married to an Icelandic citizen. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has asked for a report from the Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt, Germany,about this incident.

“We were travelling to Iceland from India, via Frankfurt with our 4 year old daughter when I was asked to move aside for this ‘random check’, no explanations offered. I was taken into a room, and was asked to lift my dress/ take it off so that I could be checked to make sure I wasn’t ‘carrying anything under my clothes’. This whole ordeal happened in front of my 4 year old,” Basappa wrote.

She claimed that she was asked to lift up or remove her clothing even after clearing a full body scans. Her request to be patted down gently, owing to a recent abdominal surgery, was also ignored by the security personnel, who shouted at her for voicing her reservations.

Basappa has filed a complaint with the Frankfurt airport authorities.

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