Indian man uses toy gun to scare Dubai bus drivers


Dubai: A 35-year-old Indian man allegedly used his daughter’s toy gun to threaten and scare “speeding bus drivers”, a Dubai court has heard. The Dubai resident, a technician, said investigators that he only used his daughter’s toy gun to threaten the bus drivers to reduce speed on roads because he was “worried about his safety and that of others”.

He has been charged at the Court of First Instance with making criminal threats. Public prosecution records show that he went to three drivers and tapped on the bus windows with the gun in his hand. A complaint was registered yesterday and the trial will continue on May 20.

A police sergeant said: “I was on duty and sitting in my car when three men came running to me. They looked scared. They told me about a man carrying a gun and took me to where he was.

“I followed the suspect until he got into his car. As I was checking his driving licence and other papers, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrived. When asked about the incident, he said he spotted the bus drivers speeding and driving recklessly in a way that put his life and that of the passengers at risk.”

The man told the policeman he went to those drivers in the parking lot and brandished the fake gun to scare them.

One of the drivers, a 32-year-old Bangladeshi, said the accused went to him while he was behind the wheel in the bus. “I opened the window for him. He then said he would kill me if I sped and then showed me what he claimed to be a gun.

I got scared and moved the bus to inform a supervisor in the parking lot. He referred me to a police officer there.”


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