Indian gets 9 years jail term in US for money laundering


Alexandria: Amit Chaudhry, an Indian immigrant was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment in US on Thursday after he was caught red-handed by the FBI for theft, visa fraud and money laundering.

Chaudhry (44) from Ashburn, Virginia was found guilty for allegedly helping his overseas relatives to execute a million-dollar scam which involves money laundering from stolen credit cards and identities through fake bank accounts.

In another part of the blunder, he has been also charged of advertising cheap travel packages to attract customers with intent to extract money by fraudulent means after over 1000 customers were discovered during the investigation.

The group made $25 million off fake credit cards and invalid passports with the help of a co-conspirator working at American Express in India.

Chaudhry, is cooperating with the US authorities to track other co-conspirators involved in the scam. Five persons have already pleaded guilty in Alexandria out of which two were arrested in India.

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