Indian Diplomat’s phone seized by Pakistani authorities during Uzma case hearing


New Delhi: The mobile phone of an Indian High Commission official Piyush Singh was on Friday confiscated by in a Pakistani court, sources said.

The incident occurred during the hearing of the case of an Indian woman, who had sought refuge in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad after arriving in Pakistan to marry.

The cellphone was later returned to him and no charges were pressed. He told the court that he was texting on his phone and not using his camera.

The diplomat was in court on behalf of Uzma , a 20-year-old Indian woman who claims she was tricked into marrying a Pakistani man and now fears for her life.

Uzma has been staying at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad and has refused to leave its premises until she is allowed to return to India.

She has claimed that after being coerced to marry, she discovered that her Pakistani husband, who she met in Malaysia, is already married.Her husband, Tahir Ali, claims that she is being detained against her wishes by Indian diplomats.

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