India to launch EMISAT into space on April 1


Chennai: India on April 1 will launch an electronic intelligence satellite, EMISAT, along with 29 other satellites into space, according to ISRO.

The whole flight sequence will take about 180 minutes from the rocket’s liftoff at 9.30 am on April 1.

According to ISRO, PSLV-C4– a special and a new version of PSLV will be used for the first time to carry the EMISAT and 29 other satellites into space which will place them in various orbits.

EMISAT, developed by ISTO and DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) is based on the famous Israeli spy satellite called SARAL or (Satellite with ARgos and ALtika).

EMISAT will use SARAL’s special altimeter called AltiKa (Built by CNES, as well as a Doris instrument), which will primarily work in Ka-band, 35 GHz.

The single frequency KA-Band will empower EMISAT to scan through ice, rain, coastal zones, land masses, forests, and wave heights without any hiccups.

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