India makes Guinness World Record in the largest portion of khichdi serving


New Delhi: India has just made a new Guinness World Record–the largest portion of khichdi. A giant utensil with a capacity of 1143 litres, a customised electric boiler to produce up to 7kg of steam and over 250 kgs of solid ingredients.

The khichdi was cooked in a custom-made kadhai (wok) in front of a live audience at the World Food India 2017.

This attempt was headed up master chef Sanjeev Kapoor, and he partnered with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

The ingredients of this khichdi included 125 kgs Rice, 50 kgs moong dal, 20 kgs of vegetables and around 700 litres of water, along with various pulses and lentils–including beans, ragi, jawar, millets, curry leaves, mustard and ghee.

This record comes under the category of the largest serving of rice and beans. The making of this dish was a tedious process where all the chefs, and even Food Processing Industries Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal herself, held the utensil and were tactfully placing it on the weighing scale. The entire weight was around 1264 kgs. After subtracting the weight of the utensils, the weight of the khichdi is around 900 kgs.

Around 50 chefs came together to be part of this project, including senior chefs like Imtiaz Quireshi and Satish Arora.

Political faces like Harsimrat Badal and Niranjan Jyoti took places on the stage. Baba Ramdev was also there to add the seasoning or tadka to the khichdi after it was cooked.

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