India a less global influencer


New Delhi: In spite of emerging as one of the biggest economy India ranked low in terms of having global influence while countries like US, Japan continued to dominate the list, a report published by Credit Suisse Research Institute in Davos Switzerland said on Friday.

India scored low score of 2 in a scale from 1 to 5 where the upper most limits is considered as the most influencing while the lower one has the least influence.

Out of the emerging BRICS nations only China scored 3 and South Africa scored the lowest of 1 while Russia and Brazil recorded 2.

Similarly US and other small developing countries like Luxembourg, Denmark, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Indonesia scored 5 while the UK, Euro zone countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain scored 4.

The report said that globalization has been the most powerful economic force in past decades but recently the world may shift towards making of a multi-polar world.

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