Independent candidate to sell kidney for contesting polls in Assam


Dhubri: An independent candidate from Modati village in Assam, Sukur Ali, has claimed he will sell kidney if he failed to arrange money to contest Lok Sabha polls.

Ali told news agencies :”If I fail to accumulate funds to contest elections, I will sell my kidney.”

According to reports, a few years ago he had sold a portion of his land to fund a bamboo bridge on Shibali river. Ali who is 26-year-old, is currently unemployed.

He is so much obsessed with the social work that he even worked as a boatman free of cost.

Ali said: “Since my childhood, I have seen leaders stepping into politics only to cater their personal interest. No one is willing to extend help to the needy. I want to break this tradition and for that, I will not even hesitate to sell my kidney”.

People in his village said they are presently faced with acute shortage of potable water. Poor connectivity to the region has hindered development of the region.

They said someone like Ali is their choice who can resolve these issues.

Voting for five Lok Sabha seats will be held in three phases on April 11, 18 and 23 in Assam.

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