IIT Madras develops India’s first indigenous microprocessor Shakti


Chennai: India’s first indigenous microprocessor designed by researchers of Indian Institute of Madras may soon power your mobile phone, surveillance camera and smart meters.

The microprocessor named Shakti was developed, designed and booted at Semi-Conductor Laboratory (SCL) of Indian Space Research Organisations (Isro) in Chandigarh, making it the first ‘RISC V Microprocessor’ to be completely designed and made in India.

This microprocessor will be helpful in reducing reliance on imported microprocessors in Communications and Defence Sectors and is on par with International Standards.

The front-end design of the Shakti processors is developed with Bluespec, an open-source High-Level Synthesis (HLS) language. Shakti and its eco-system with its modular design approach enables design and development of application-specific end-user computing and communicating systems

Earlier, in July 2018, an initial batch of 300 chips, named RISECREEK was produced under Project Shakti, that were fabricated at the Multinational Chip Manufacturer Intel’s facility at Oregon, US, that successfully booted the Linux operating system.

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