If we hug Rahul Gandhi, our wives might divorce us; jokes BJP MP


New Delhi: In a controversial statement, BJP BJP lawmaker Nishikant Dubey on Thursday said that the BJP parliamentarians won’t hug Rahul Gandhi because their wives might give them divorce if they do so.

He said it a day after Rahul said that BJP MPs step back on seeing him as they fear he might hug them.

BJP lawmaker Nishikant Dubey took a jibe saying “Yes we do fear to hug Rahul Gandhi because we are married and our wives might divorce us if we hug him.”

If they embrace the Congress president as “Section 377 hasn’t been scrapped as yet”, there is no guarantee that people won’t file a case against us, he said.

If Rahul Gandhi gets married, then we will hug him,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi was severely criticised by BJP leaders for hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the no-confidence motion against the government in parliament last week.

The Congress chief had said he may have a difference of opinion with the ruling party leaders and he can fight them, but he doesn’t need to hate them.

After a scathing criticism of Prime Minister Modi on several issues including the Rafale fighter jet deal with France, Mr Gandhi had walked across the well of the Lok Sabha to the prime minister and hugged him.

The gesture had taken Prime Minister Modi as well as the treasury benches completely by surprise.

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