How to keep yourself motivated while preparing for SSC CGL exam


“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” – William Butler Yeats


Right from our childhood days, we have been attending exams. Each exam seems to be tough, but we have to keep ourselves motivated to cross the hurdle. As we grow up, we understand that the exams we were giving so far were not a big deal and of course, they were just stepping stone to the next academic year. When we were in college, we all look back our academic journey and realize the fact that the board exams were helpful only to get admission in reputed colleges. Anyway, every exam is of equal importance although we attend them at different points of our lives. Also, for every exam that we come across, self-motivation is a prime factor. If it is lost, all efforts and time you have put through to clear the exam would be in vain. Now, as SSC CGL exam is round the corner, keeping yourself motivated is a daunting task. By the time your clear Tier 1, your energy might be half-lost and to appear for Tier 2 you have to recharge yourself. All these cannot be done overnight. So, from the very beginning of your SSC CGL preparation, you must learn to motivate yourself and whenever you feel like, you are low on energy, boost up your confidence level and self esteem.

Here are a few tips to keep the SSC CGL aspirant in you awake and outshine during your preparation days:

Have a Systematic Schedule

Prepare a timetable accordingly and follow it without fail. No matter what happens to you, the timetable you made has to be strictly and regularly followed for all the years to come. If you cannot follow it on a day, the work for the next day would be doubled and there are chances of getting over stressed. Absolutely, stress leads to de-motivation. So be prepared to work in accordance with the timetable and be strong enough not to be stressed out. Study the difficult topics when you are full of energy too.

Optimism is the Key to Success

Why do we all live? Is it not because we find a ray of hope somewhere? Yes, the ray of hope you should see right now has to be the prestigious position, you might soon take over. Always find opportunity in every difficult situation of your life and be willing to work towards your goal. Fear of failure needs to be thrown out from you. Have strong belief in yourself that you are not a loser and winning the game is the only target you have.

Visualize yourself as a High-Ranking Officer

Visualization is a psychological technique to enhance the power within you. More than dreaming of what you wanted to be, seeing yourself in the position of an officer of higher ranks can make you happy and contented. Do you feel yourself draining out of energy? Try this technique and success is going to be yours for sure.

Have Fun with the Syllabus

Not many of us can be in love with SSC CGL syllabus because the fun one gets by reading fiction and non-fiction can never be drawn from SSC CGL. However, only if you enjoy studying every bit of the syllabus, you can possibly be in love. The answers you get for the questions you take up may be wrong but don’t worry. Always have faith in yourself that next time the answer is going to be appropriate. Once you get the correct answer, the interest in studies would go higher.

Health is Wealth

There are candidates burning midnight oil to crack the exam. Of course, success can approach you only if you work very hard. But does that mean you have to stop taking care of your health? No! You should give health as much importance as you give for your preparation schedule. Get proper sleeps and have food on time. Without them, your energy is going to be very low. And do you think a sleepy and low energetic individual can ace the exam? Not at all.

Have a To-Do-List

Create a list including the portions to be covered within a stipulated time period, which can be a day, week and even a month etc. The portions to be focused and the lessons in which you are lagging behind have to be noted down very well. Once you are done with the topic of each day, please give a tick mark against it and at once the same topic is revised, give a double tick mark. When you see the tick marks at the end of the day/week your anxieties might be calmed down.

Check for the Strategy that Suits You

Always have a peaceful environment to do your studies so that strain and pressure sustaining around you can be easily avoided. Some people love to study own their own while others would love to be in combined study groups. Just check what works for you and choose the strategy according to your convenience. While choosing the study partner, make sure you choose an inspiring person who likes to be in a healthy competition with you.

Physical Exercises are a Must

SSC CGL Tier 1 syllabus demands the candidate to sit and study for longer hours. This is going to have a true effect on your preparation hours. Take a break in between your work hours and work out. You need go to a gym for a physical exercise. Walking briskly, running, performing a few pushups and pull ups can perform miracles in no time. It would help you to create a positive attitude towards life and the levels of stress can be easily reduced to a certain extent.

Read Motivational Books and Watch Inspiring Videos

No person on earth can work for 24 hours. He has to keep himself away from working and spend hours for food, hygiene and entertainment. How would it be if he can read motivational books to charge him up every now and then. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth, Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz are a few that can be read upon. If you are not a bibliophile, you may watch inspiring videos and TED Talks on Youtube for a better change. Also stick motivational quotes in your study room for a reason that it makes you recharged at times you are pessimistic.

Only if you gather the energy to fight against the opponent like SSC CGL, you can come off in flying colors. For that, fasten up yourself by staying away from all distractions so that your goal of achieving a prominent position in Central Government of India would not be a distant dream.

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