How Having an AdmitKard Mentor Can Ease Your Nerves When Studying Abroad


Preparing yourself to study abroad is quite exciting while at the same time scary. This is because you are yearning about the new experiences that you will get in the host nation while at the same time thinking about people you are going to leave behind.  The excitement combined with fear may leave you at crossroads not knowing the nest step of action to take. Most students who find themselves in this situation may decide to let the dream of studying abroad disappear. However, it does not always have to be this way since there are so many mentors out there who will help you in decision making.

Unfortunately, not every mentor that you come across will make your life easier when studying abroad. Some might not even teach you important things that you need to know thus leaving you with a huge mountain to climb. To make sure that you do not get yourself into this situation, you can consider relying on AdmitKard mentors as they have helped many students in completing overseas education. AdmitKard mentors have gone through the same system and thus know what you might need.  Here are two ways in which AdmitKard mentors can ease your nerves while seeking overseas education.

  • Emotional and Instrumental Support

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways in which a student can get emotional and instrumental support that they need to achieve the goals while studying abroad. This is made possible by getting the much needed guidance and encouragement from mentors as it can help students nurture their college aspirations. However, this can only be done perfectly by a mentor who has already passed through the same system as is the case with AdmitKard mentors.

  • Connection and Engagement

Imagine going to a place where you are the odd one out simply because there are new faces everywhere. Instead of enjoying your stay, you will be thinking about the friends that you left behind. The same case applies for students who decide to study abroad. If they do not find someone to help them around, they will start feeling lonely which may in turn develop into stress or depression. By having a mentor, you feel more connected and engaged on campus thus improving your performance.  This is due to the fact that your mentor will take you around campus while at the same time introducing you to some students. You thus see yourself as one of them since you can easily interact with the people around you.

Having your own college mentor can have a life-changing effect in your career as it tends to empower a student’s guidance and confidence. In addition to this, you will also learn the necessary skills that you need to succeed in life. So before you think about studying abroad, you should first get a good mentor who will make your stay in the host nation enjoyable. Furthermore, the mentor should be able to help you deal with any challenge that comes your way without going through a lot.

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