He tried to kiss my ear: Swara Bhasker shares her encounter with casting couch


New Delhi: Swara Bhasker opened up on casting couch and admitted facing casting couch.

Sharing her anecdote, Swara revealed that she was once in a meeting with the manager of a big producer and things suddenly started to get weird.

The actress was speaking at an interactive session recently, when the discussion led to the often discussed topic – the prevalence of casting couch in Bollywood. Swara, revealed a Bollywood executive, who claimed to be the manager of a top filmmaker, tried to kiss her during a work meeting.

The man leaned forward tried to kiss her ear and said ‘I love you baby’, she said narrating her ordeal.

She was repeatedly asked about the details of her residential address, when she sensed something uncanny and wanted to wrap it up. “When I got out this guy actually tried to kiss my ear and said ‘I love you baby’ and I kind of did that (gestures shirking away),” said Swara, and added: “So, he got a mouthful of my hair so I was just like… so that kind of stuff happens. It’s all a part of casting couch, right?”, the actress revealed.

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