Haven’t seen a single Nano car on the road: Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat


Gujarat: In full election mode, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked the government over the controversial Tata Nano project. “Rs 33,000 crore was given for Nano but I haven’t seen a single Nano in the past 10-15 days. I have been looking for one but couldn’t find it,” Rahul said while addressing a rally in Pardi in Gujarat.

During a rally on Thursday too, Rahul had raised the same question pointing fingers at the Gujarat model. “Take lands from farmers, give (businessmen) water, electricity, and they give (the businessmen) give nothing in return… This is what the Gujarat model of development is,” he had said.

He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to provide jobs and that instead of creating two crore jobs every year as promised by him, only one lakh jobs are being generated a year.

Assuring voters, he said that the Congress government will stick to truth, even if it is unpalatable.

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