Group from Bengaluru among four others readying for lunar mission


Bengaluru : A group of space enthusiasts and retired scientists from ISRO are looking to make history through a lunar land probe mission this December.

As per sources, the country could become only the fourth one to make such an ambitious programme thanks to a Bengaluru based group of innovators named Team Indus who are fighting for an exclusive prize of Rs 20 million to be awarded by XPRIZE, a non-profit organisation that runs competitions like these to spur innovation and promote technology development.

The event is also sponsored by Google. The team is initiating works on a war footing and if everything goes all right it will launch the mission in assistance with ISRO’s launch vehicle.

Though the exact dates are not yet finalised there are every possibility of its happening towards the second half of the year.

Besides Team Indus there are three other teams vying for the competition to land on the moon notably  Space IL of Israel, Moon Express of the United States and Synergy Moon a team comprising experts from 15 different countries.

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