Ground water shrinks in city, dilemma up ahead


Bhubaneswar: A big dilemma looms for the city denizens in not so distant future as reports point towards a major water crisis with vehement recession of ground water in the city in coming times. The argument could be amply supported by arguments from a noted environmentalist JK Panigrahy which said in last nine years ground water in the city has subsidized by six metres.

Population explosion coupled with unplanned and incessant build up of concrete over open chargeable land has led to ground water recession. Shortfall of precipitation over a period of time along with abrupt climatic changes has somewhat not allowed water to recharge grounds the way it should be, Panigrahy said.

Water level in nearby rivers like Kuakhai, Bhargabi and Daya also shows that water percentage has had a drastic shortfall, a trend which shows public water supply from big river and rivulets around the city could be a problematic scenario especially in dry seasons.

Basically there are three places for ground water measurement in the city, notably Khandagiri, Kalpana and Delta area.

Panigrahy noted that in Khandagiri water level has drastically decreased from 15 meter to 21 meter, momentous 6 meter shrinkage in just 9 years.

Besides, wetlands in and around the city are also being compromised in the name of development as a concrete jungle like a demon seems to engulf them. It is to be noted that wetlands are very good rechargeable points.

Exploitative ground water usages have also contributed to this fact, Panigrahy added.

All this while when the administration is thumping its chest in pride declaring that they are very much ready to develop the city into a model smart city but the possible water crisis scenario might falter their day dreams until they do something holistic and phenomenal to save the city.

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