The Green Journey at Tata Steel Kalinganagar


Kalinganagar: In a move to scale-up the environment sustenance effort, Tata Steel has recorded the plantation of more than 2.8 lakh saplings around its areas of operations in Kalinganagar. This number includes plantation both inside as well as outside the plant premises, and has been a concerted effort for the last five years.

The Company intends to plant about 1 lakh saplings more over next couple of years to add to the green cover in the area. Once the sapling are planted, its maintenance is undertaken scientifically for at least two years and in remote areas watering is done through tankers. The initiative forms part of Tata Steel’s ongoing afforestation and greenery development programme.

Tata Steel, including its Kalinganagar operations, has accorded prime importance to environment protection, in line with its Environmental Policy. It has adopted best-in-class practices to keep the environment hazard-free. The Company is also leveraging clean and green technology in its production processes to provide a clean, green and safer environment for society at large.

In order to ensure supply of adequate number of saplings for its plantation programme, Tata Steel has developed a nursery at Gobarghati at which saplings of forestry and other plants are raised. Plans are on the anvil to develop a second nursery within the plant premises. Besides plantation, efforts are being undertaken to improve aesthetics in plant and other office premises by developing gardens and lawns.


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